Dial-up POS

  • POS product works with electric and telephone line.
  • This product has a low cost and intended for workplaces which have low transaction number.


ADSL is a technology that provides fast and uninterrupted internet connection.You can save both from transaction cost and communication time by using ADSL POS.

  • There is a fixed fee for the ADSL connection. Therefore, when you use ADSL POS, whatever the number of transactions you do not pay extra communication costs for POS transactions.
  • You will have the opportunity for fast and seamless process.
  • You can apply for ADSL POS even if you dont have a computer.
  • Ypu can use your computer as well as your POS over your ADSL line.
  • There is a monthly subscription fee for ADSL POS.

Mobile POS Products

Mobile POS products are generally for taxis, firms and marketing sector.


  • Our mobile POS supports the GPRS technology that allows you to pay anywhere in the coverage area of your mobile phone.
  • You dont have to trach your bills by using GPRS line of our Mobile POS.
  • There is a monthly subscription fee for ADSL POS.

Doctor POS

Doctor POS allows credit card payments in doctors’ offices; the credit card slip can be used as an official payment receipt.

Mail Order

We offer Mail Order solution for workplaces through catalogue, fax and telephone.

  • Authorization of cardholder is needed to process Mail Order method. With this authorization, customer doesnt have to come to the workplace for shopping.
  • Mail Order gives the opportunity to sell via different communication channels, this offers to reach many customers both in Turkey and other countries.
Transaction and clearing process in the markets due to official holiday